Books on autism, but not for girls/women

I have recently been doing research for a YA fiction book I want to write about the autistic/aspie perceptive. However, in the process of my researching I realized that despite the advancement info spread, the amount of fictional books with autistic characters mostly are male. Now this is not so much a feminism thing as it is that sad fact, that autism(ASD) is highly under diagnosed in females.

I am not sure why though, many of the symptoms/signs are similar but I feel that females tend to adapt better socially, or we are expected to. Particularly in media representation, whether its fiction books, TV shows, or social media… I read on pinterest that as a writer instead of writing what you think people want to see, you should write what you would have love to read. I took particular notice of this tip because, as a female you are expected to understand more socially and when you can’t, you may be seen as defective in the eyes of those around you. WHY!? I mean it makes no sense, no body is perfect some people may be bad at math, but great at drawing.

Anywhoozzles  what i am trying to say is that not every person on the planet follows the same life goal, dreams, desires, or religion. How boring would it be if every person you met on the street was the same as you?  not only would that be creepy, nut also repetitive, variety is the spice of life(cliche I know). But, if people were food(strange analogy…I am sorry) would you want to eat the same thing over and over again?

Well this got super weird towards the end so THE END(pixie dust bell sound)


Stream of my conscientiousness

Hello, to the few people who will actually read this,

I  never know how to start a new post… what’s a good hook? Will this actually be considered interesting? Whatever, I have recently been thinking about life, the universe and everything… However, let me start by stating that this whole blogging thing seems strange!? I mean I am sitting in a room typing my thoughts out, and literally anybody could read them and know a tiny part of me and my opinions. It’s not like I’m blogging for for other people, it seem bazaar that somebody might want to read this.

Speaking of reading I have reading loads of books this last year and I have noticed that standalone books are pretty rare in the YA fiction. What else do I do Mmmmmm… well I seem really boring.

K-pop, that’s something I like. Groups I listen to are:

  1. stray kids
  2. (G)I-dle
  3. mamamoo
  4. BTS
  5. Twice
  6. Day6
  7. EXID
  8. SNSD
  9. shinee
  10. Got7
  11.  That’s it for now…

Well… I am out of topics to write about so TTFN(props to you if you know where thats from) 🙂


Since I started school at Summit Learning Charter, my time has been claimed by school, and my job at a preschool. Not much to note about but that I kinda forgot about my blog… Oooops.

Well I am back now and am wondering if you know what weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of gold?

World of anime

Recently I joined a site called World of anime and is absolutely fantastic. I also use Facebook…… but I find it annoying and overly popular. with that said Facebook just isn’t right for me. All the people i have met have been friendly and welcoming, and that is very comforting to know that people like that exist all over the world. Just a couple of specifics would take to long to explain. So, should you want to join the wonderful world where anime fans can connect and talk about anything.

Not to continue rambling on about something you may not care about but for introverts who want to form relationships without having to talk to people face to face. Finding a community where you can socialize and talk about whatever you interests are is awesome.

Should you be interested my user-name is Casni-chan.